Regarding the Coronavirus/COVID19 Situation

Given the impact the COVID-19 situation has had on the world’s economy and the changes in our daily habits, it seems good to post an update on how AntiDopamine is handling things.

In technical terms, all the servers and backend infrastructure is operating in great condition, and we have ample space to grow.

An interesting note is that the usage of our servers has grown almost 4 times since the start of the crisis (counting from ~March 2020). This could be happening due to an increased amount of people working remotely or having more time to stay at home.

Here’s an image of how the usage looks on of our servers:

Antidopamine traffic statistics before and after Coronavirus

This is a positive trend, as when the lockdown started, porn companies tried to entice new users by offering free or discounted packages for their services.

It seems that many people didn’t take up that offer, and instead made sure that they are a 100% porn-free.

Take care!

The AntiDopamine Team