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Few people appreciate the fact that everything in life begins with a simple… boner.

The fact of the matter is that humans are sexual beings, and that means that under all of our actions and motivations, hides the same personal agenda – the sexual one.

I do not write about this in a sinister manner – I’m writing about this so you can begin to develop a feeling about the meaning behind your life’s meaning and sexuality, as the two are closely intervened.

Everything in life is about sex – from having wealth and status, to hoarding video games in your Steam library (making a “nest” for yourself). Everything in life is motivated by the desire to have sexual power.

What’s different about Antidopamine, is that this website is not going to analyze and give tips about life in the Freudian fashion – what I think we should focus on is to find ways to channel our inherent sexuality into achieving a better and more successful lifestyle. I want you to understand what’s driving your desire to own some kind of geeky vintage motorcycle, and how you can channel that desire into owning something that is fundamentally going to give you an advantage over other people.

The difference between successful people and average people is how they channel their sexuality. Being oblivious to your sexuality doesn’t make it disappear.

It doesn’t matter where are you from, or how unique your life story is. You were born with a single purpose in this life, and the truth is that the closer you get to living in accordance with this truth, the easier and better everything is going to be.

Everyone Should Stop Watching Porn

You can see this example in a variety of different situations.

For example, eating natural, whole foods is always going to make you healthier than eating processed food.

You eliminate most possible causes of ED if you live healthily. Porn-induced erectile dysfunction is one such easily eliminated problem – so easily in fact that it makes my head hurt to think how many millions of you are out there that can’t be intimate with your partners. Semen retention is another crazy awesome benefit to doing NoFap.

Limiting your time spend on mindless internet browsing and looking for photos of scantily clad women is going to make you a 100x better in real-life situations. This works for both social and work activities.

Most of you guys reading these articles are going to be from Western or Western-influenced countries. The sad fact is that we all got to be raised to behave in the same way, and we suffer from the same consequences.

Removing Porn is Only One Part of the Porn Addiction Recovery Process

The best way you can utilize Antidopamine in your life is if you remember to look up the reference articles for specific situations that you encounter on a daily basis, or if you want to browse around and find articles that pique your interest.

Here’s a list of the main categories found in Antidopamine:

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