List of Artificial Dopamine Stimulants

The following list is a reference to all of the commonly found artificial stimulants (that affect your dopamine, serotonin, androgen, and other receptors) in today’s environment.

The list is going to be continually updated, meaning it can be checked on a regular basis for new updates.

1. Pornography

2. Electronic media (TV, movies)

3. Video games (in excess of more than a few hours per week)

4. Aspartame

5. High Fructose Corn Syrup (any amount is too much)

6. High Glycemic foods

7. Trans fats

8. Gambling (betting, lottery, casino games, slot machines, etc.)

9. Mindless internet browsing (not looking for needed information, just browsing around looking at the news)

10. Fast food

11. SSRIs

12. ADHD drugs

13. Edging to porn (in some cases this is even worse than masturbating)

14. Social Media (when not creating your own content)

15. Cam sites

16. Weed and other “light” drugs

17. Hard drugs

18. Soft drinks and soda

19. Alcohol (especially beer)

20. Shopping without purpose