7 Secret Semen Retention Benefits

Semen retention is NoFap’s second cousin.

The two concepts are closely related, and you are going to miss out on a lot of benefits if you don’t do semen retention after the 90 days reboot.

I was lucky that I read about the benefits of sperm retention before my first 90 days were up, so things were easy.

Reading this article, you’ll have the chance to do the same.

The Benefits of Semen Retention

The first rule of semen retention is that you don’t blow your load on mindless MO (meaning masturbation without looking at pornography).

The second rule is that you can’t ejaculate while having sex with another person.

The day you’ll get used to having sex without orgasm, is the day you are going to feel like a sex god.

One word of advice – you are going to feel blue balls from time to time – that’s normal while practicing semen retention.

I have learned to enjoy the pain. It reminds you of the simple pleasures of life, and of how nice it is to not have to feel pain in your testicles.

The Power of Semen Retention

To continue, the gist about semen retention is the following: you are never supposed to ejaculate.

This is going to do wonders to your body, including increasing your semen volume, and provide you with a higher quality of semen.

NoFap Increases Your Semen Volume

I don’t remember the exact number of days, but I think sperm need 40-60 days to reach maturity.

Even sperm donation clinics require at least a few days of no fapping before donating your seed. Otherwise, the sperm is useless for donations.

There are alternative ways to talk about sperm retention. One such codeword for those in the know-how is “NoFap on hard mode.”

Of course, doing nofap on hard mode includes a few other things besides not ejaculating: for example, it also required not edging to porn – universally known as one of the worst things you can do to your member.

The Science Behind Sperm Retention

There are two facts behind the chemistry of semen retention.

These are scientifically proven facts, so it is not something that is up to internet debate. I’m shaking my head at the number of nofappers that don’t believe in semen retention.

Anyway, the first rule is:

You Lose Zinc When You Masturbate

Ultimate NoFap & Testosterone Boosting Supplements

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Zinc (available on Amazon) is one of the most important minerals when it comes to being a man.

The health benefits of zinc are huge.

Even losing a few mg would bother me on a level you can’t imagine.

Plus, masturbating means you are not only losing zinc – you are losing other trace minerals as well.

If you don’t believe me, try conserving your semen for a few weeks (minimum of 3), and you will SEE that you are going to feel better.

Personally, I use Zinc Gluconate 50mg, as I find it has the best price to absorption ratio.

Prolactin Levels Rise After Masturbation

This one is a biggie.

Prolactin is one of the worst things you want in your body. Unless you are breastfeeding.

Prolactin is more commonly found in females, but even in girls, it can have a negative effect when available in large quantities.

In males, the situation is even worse.

Side-Effects of High Prolactin Levels

Erectile Dysfunction From Pornography

Porn-Induced Erectile dysfunction is a hateful, hateful disease that affects men of all ages. You should read my article on the subject in order to get more information.

Decreased Body and Facial Hair

Sure, guys shave a lot of areas of their body these days. Interestingly, beards have made a strong comeback that’s been lasting for 5+ years now.

Anyway, guys want to be in control of the removal of their hair. That’s why balding is such a difficult problem to process. It is one thing to shave something on your own, it’s a completely different thing to have bald spots that happened without your consent. The good news is that hair growth can be accelerated with NoFap.

Seriously though – losing hair – not as big of a problem. I’m listing this symptom here so that guys with high prolactin levels can be more aware of the problem.

Enlarged breasts (Gynecomastia)

Since prolactin is a lactation-inducing hormone, it is naturally going to cause a person’s breasts to grow. Breats grow when they are about to secrete milk.

Even a man can lactate if he is sufficiently drugged with certain chemicals.

Male breast enlargement is not a joke, and in some cases, it can be a lifelong change that might require surgery in the future.

Gynecomastia after the age of 30 doesn’t really go away. Losing weight might decrease the problem, but it won’t completely hide it.

 Semen Retention Questions and Answers: 

Can Semen Retention Cure Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction?

Semen retention acts as a type of supplement to the regular benefits NoFap gives you.

It is a known fact that NoFap is the best treatment for PIED. Semen retention is the best supplement for NoFap, which means it can speed up the time needed for you to treat your erectile dysfunction. While you don’t have to do semen retention to cure erectile problems, it is a recommended step – at least for first 60-90 days of NoFap.

You shouldn’t do semen retention for prolonged periods of time – just do it enough to treat all of the problems porn has caused you.

What About Treating Other Types of ED?

Just like semen retention can help you cure PIED, it can also help in improving the symptoms of premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.

When it comes to PE (premature ejaculation) some guys find that they can’t last as long when they practice semen retention. For some, that’s just a stage, and after a few months of semen retention, they can last even longer than before. For others, premature ejaculation caused by semen retention may be a lifelong problem, in which case it is recommended to ejaculate at least once a week in order to keep a high level of sexual stamina.

Can Semen Retention Help with Attraction?

There is no scientific proof regarding semen retention and attraction, and most probably there never will be – but semen retention seems to be great at attracting girls.

There are hundreds of theories why. Some say semen retention helps you keep important trace minerals, which means your skin, hair and energy is going to be better. From an evolutionary standpoint, semen retention makes you more aggressive and motivated to pursue goals, which is attractive to women by itself.

All in all, semen retention is worth it when it comes to attracting girls.

Is Semen Retention the Same as Semen Conservation?

Yes, semen retention is the same as semen conservation, it just depends on the wording the person used.

Does Semen Retention Increase Sperm Count?

Semen retention is one of the best things you can do to increase sperm count and volume.

However, semen retention can help only if you keep your testosterone levels in the normal range. You can’t solve low semen volume with semen retention if you have low testosterone levels. Testosterone is the most important hormone that dictates how much sperm your testicles can produce. Semen retention is just there to help conserve the sperm that has already been produced.

This means that sperm retention and high testosterone are two highly interlinked variables, and you should focus on keeping them in balance.

Is there a Link Between Spiritual Power and Sperm Retention?

I’m not a huge fan or even interested in the spiritual aspects of semen retention. I didn’t even know that Buddhist monks and other religions are very big on sperm conservation. But, that’s the truth, and some people do engage in this for religious reasons.

You don’t have to do semen retention because of any religion. You can do it for your own health. Or you can do it for spiritual bliss. Anything that motivates you to become a better man is good.

Are There Any Benefits to Ejaculating?

There are some benefits to ejaculating.

This is especially true if you haven’t ejaculated in a long time, as some studies have noted that testosterone levels can decrease after several weeks of sexual abstinence.

Once your PIED has been cured, there should be no additional health benefit to ejaculating more than once a week.

Are There Any Benefits to Injaculation?

Injaculation sounds terrible and shouldn’t be done. Injaculation is the process of reaching orgasm, but not allowing any seminal fluid to leak out. Researchers say that there are no health risks in doing this, although that doesn’t sound very plausible.

Ejaculation increases the pressure in the genital area and blocking it sounds risky.

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