Best NoFap Supplements

Supplements are not something that you have to get.

There is not a single supplement on Earth that you can’t normally consume from food. In fact, any supplement that you can get from natural sources is going to be better than taking it in pill form.

Your goal in life should be always to arrive at a point where you are taking 0 pills, drugs or supplements.

However, that is not easily achievable, and it takes time.

For that reason, it is okay to supplement with certain stuff that are not scientifically proven to be dangerous.

I really like whey protein for example – and there are many studies that have shown that whey can either be beneficial (for weight loss, muscle gain and as a testosterone booster) or neutral at worse.

Anyway, here’s a list of some supplements you should consider while doing NoFap:

1. Zinc

As mentioned in numerous places around this website, zinc is one of the most important trace minerals.

This is because it is naturally a testosterone booster (and aphrodisiac), and because zinc is one of the minerals that is most easily lost after ejaculating.

For that reason, zinc is the most important supplement to take after you begin with NoFap.

I recommend Zinc Gluconate 50mg from Now nutrition, sold on Amazon.

3. Vitamin D

After zinc, Vitamin D is the second most important supplement in your NoFap journey.

Here is a list of all the best Vitamin D3 supplements.

3. Whey Protein

Third on the list is Whey protein (available on Amazon).

Whey (and all other protein powders) are helpful in losing weight and gaining muscle, but they are not as crucial as Zinc and D3, because you can get a huge quantity of protein from simple homemade food items – such as eggs, nuts and pork chops.