3 Horrible Side-Effects of Chronic Masturbation

I had to do a bit of informative reading before beginning the first paragraph of this article.

And a creepy thing happened.

The first text that popped out on my desktop was some kind of psychological study about a patient that had a delusional disorder and had resorted to frequent, violent masturbation.

And that got me thinking;

There Are so Many Negative Chronic Masturbation Side-Effects

Remembering back, reading the news or hearing about situations that have happened around town, I do kind of remember that mentally disturbed people did resort to taking their clothes off (if they had any) and masturbating in public.

I have a theory that the more damaged a mind is, the more it falls back on its primitive senses.

For example, if a girl is mentally disturbed (just slightly – enough to tick the “crazy chick” senses on most guys’ radars), she is going to be emotionally unpredictable because instead of rational thought, her behavior is going to be dictated by the more ancient, primitive parts of her brain.

So in a way, when a patient with some kind of mental disorder tries to masturbate in public, that’s actually some kind of primitive, lizard part of the brain springing into action.

We are shown a glimpse into how certain centers of the brain functioned millennia ago.

Are crazy girls also showing us something similar?

With their back and forth, hot and cold approach to their interpersonal relationships, is it possible that that’s how the brain naturally works?

Instead of thinking things through, it just feels fleeting emotions, and reacts without thinking about any of the long-term side effects.

And as with everything in life, raw emotions can be fun.

For a guy that is still unaware of the world beyond fapping, masturbation can be as fun and interesting as talking with a girl with 5% histrionic personality disorder mixed-in.

But that’s not how guys want to spend their lives.

There is nothing worse than comparing yourself and your actions to those of a mentally-ill person.

When you get the urge to masturbate, think of a bum on the street wanking it out.

Excessive Masturbation is the Worst Kind of Masturbation

This is a habit that’s been heavily built-up your mind, becoming a self-repeating pattern that has taken years to form. There are guys with chronic masturbation issues that have to ejaculate for over 6-7 times in a single day.

And each time they masturbate, they become weaker. Sexual exhaustion is a real problem.

If you multiply each fap by 3, and that would mean that for each day a chronic masturbator succumbs to his wants, he is going to need 18 days to recuperate (6 faps by 3 = 18).

This is also called the “Coolidge effect” by scientists who have worked on the subject.

The good news is that the negative effects of too much masturbation are not cumulative.

Sure, you can sexually exhaust yourself by masturbating too many times, and you are going to need a couple of weeks of time out.

But you are not going to need 763 years to recuperate. After 20 days you will feel much better, while at 90 days will be regarded as having passed a full reboot by the NoFap community.

Personally, I think 6 months is the bare minimum for someone who has spent at least 5-7 years doing compulsive/obsessive masturbation. An addiction like that is not easy to cure. There are literally a zillion articles on this website in regards to how to handle any urges, relapses, wants and wishes while abstaining from porn and masturbation.

You just have to browse around and read.

If you think you might relapse, read again.

If you’ve forgotten something, read yet again.

Remember to keep active, and don’t peek at any naked ladies. Everything, including social media, Instagram, Facebook, and so on, still counts as watching porn. Even watching YouTube videos of K-Pop is enough to cause a relapse.

Also, edging is not allowed during nofap. In fact, due to the dopaminergic buildup (without an adequate release), edging can be even more damaging to the brain’s neural pathways.

Seriously, it’s better that you MO (masturbate, orgasm) without porn than to edge.

Although I would want for you to not MO as well.

You can be a much better person.

For most people, just not peeking, and staying clear of social media for a month or so is enough to get them in the habit of clearing this debilitating addiction.

Side-Effects of too Much Masturbation

There are many side-effects of masturbating too much;

#1 You Become Unhinged

When all you can think about is how to get your next dopamine high, you start to lose focus.

You lose sight of the big picture.

Every night you are alone, you are going to try to fap. The guilt of doing this is even worse if you are married or have a girlfriend.

As you might imagine, feeling guilty that does not make for a good look – people can read stuff like that in other people.

Being sexually unhinged is going to have a negative effect on everything in your life, including your work.

People won’t know it – but they are going to feel it. Everyone feels a compulsive fapper.

#2 Your Social Drive is Going to Decrease

Reaching orgasm makes the brain feel like it has succeeded in its purpose in life.

A happy, “laid-back” brain is not going to bother going out and take on risks.

I mean, going out is risky, and it does expend energy. Fights can break out, money is spent, and mistakes are made. You need to wear fashionable clothes, which means you need to buy close-fitting shirts, and learn how to iron them.

Masturbating makes everyone much easier. It’s a chill pill.

#3 Your Sexual Sensitivity is Going to be Decreased

You heard that right – the more “sex” you have with your hand, the worse time you are going to have in the sack.

Not only is your penis going to be less physically sensitive (meaning you will feel less pleasure when being with a woman – and that’s if you don’t suffer from porn-induced erectile dysfunction first) but you will also feel less happiness from the actual intercourse.

No woman is ever going to be an adequate replacement for those porn stars you’ve fapped to.

And sadly, the brain can’t tell the difference between fiction and real life.

When it comes to visual stimulation, seeing is believing.

 Chronic Masturbation Questions and Answers: 

What are the Other Negative Effects of Masturbation?

Apart from the already listed side effects of masturbation, there are many others.

The side-effects can be categorized as physical and psychological, depending on how they affect you. Chronic masturbation symptoms can also be either male or female, depending on which sex is more affected. Most masturbation side-effects affect the male population, so those are the ones this article is going to focus on;

  • Socio-occupational dysfunction

Given that masturbation makes you live in your own reality, it takes away time and energy that you could have spent in the real world. The more time you spend on your computer or cell phone, the worse time you’ll have with the outside world.

  • Loss of intimacy

All types of porn make you appreciate your partner less. The more fetish-oriented the porn video is, the worse this effect is going to be. Learn to appreciate the real people that are around you.

  • Feeling regret

Many people feel regret after relapsing. This is especially true for those that know about NoFap. That’s because you know that masturbation is bad for you, and doing something you know is bad for you is only going to make you feel worse afterwards.

  • Loss of self-worth

Similarly to the previous answer – your self-worth is tied to how you view yourself.

If the ideal version of you doesn’t masturbate, and you keep on masturbating, that is going to lower your self-worth. The closer you are to living according to your ideals, the higher your self-worth is going to be.

  • Less available time

Although you may not feel it, masturbation, edging and watching streaming porn videos can easily take 5-10 hours each week. That is over 40 hours every month. Imagine what you could do with an extra 40 hours every month.

  • Financial cost

Many guys spend money on porn, even if there is a lot of free content available. One such example are live cam videos – guys have lost $1000s on this useless type of content.

  • Dating becomes more difficult

Masturbating and watching porn makes things look easy. Dating isn’t easy. If you are used to doing PMO on a daily basis, you will have a more difficult time communicating and bonding with the girls you’ll be going out with.

  • Disrupts daily life.

Given that masturbation is a private activity, each masturbation session is going to take you away from spending time with family and friends. Each time you masturbate, you are going to disrupt your daily life. Even if it’s just about reading a book, you’ll have to disrupt your book-reading in order to masturbate.

Note: The above-listed side-effects were non-medical symptoms of masturbation. For a medical perspective on how masturbation can affect your health, check the answer below.

Can Masturbation Have an Effect on Health?

Yes, just like masturbation causes numerous psychological side-effects, it can also have an effect on your health.

As with most other aspects of chronic masturbation, most of its effects on your health are going to be negative. Here is a short list of some of the health effects of chronic masturbation:

  • Increased brain fog
  • Feeling depressive
  • Increased anxiety, including GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)
  • Decreased sexual sensitivity

Are There Any Masturbation Myths?

Masturbation has been a known vice for centuries. Given that science didn’t really exist until recent history, there were many myths around about the potential ills of masturbating.

Many of these masturbation myths have been proven to be incorrect, but that doesn’t matter. These myths were made up so that people could guide each other towards abstaining from masturbation.

Some of those myths that helped past generations are:

  • Masturbation causes blindness
  • Hairy palms and excessive hair from masturbation
  • Genital shrinkage
  • Infertility
  • Mental illness

*Interestingly, masturbation can cause infertility in the short-term, as it does lower your sperm count. Sperm needs time in order to be produced and matured. The less sperm you have, the less chances of impregnating your partner you’ll have.

Can Masturbation be Healthy?

Some people are interested in whether there are healthy aspects to masturbation. The answer is that yes, there are benefits to masturbation.

For most people reading this, the benefits of masturbation are not going to outweigh the side-effects. Here are the health benefits of masturbation:

  • Masturbation lowers the chance for developing prostate cancer
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Reduces stress (in the short-term)

In regards to the prostate cancer thing, you can enjoy the same benefit if you have sex with your partner. Most of these benefits can be easily had if you have sex just once per week. There is nothing magical about masturbating that sex doesn’t have.

If you are single and thinking about whether you should masturbate, here is a plan that can help you out;

Do a 90-day cycle of NoFap, so that you completely remove porn from your life. After you feel some of the amazing NoFap benefits, you can then start to masturbate once per week without pornography.

After you begin doing your weekly MO (masturbation and orgasm), you’ll notice how it affects you, and decide if the weekly masturbation is costing you your NoFap benefits. If it doesn’t, then you’ll be able to masturbate just enough to enjoy the anti-prostate cancer health benefit and have the benefits of doing NoFap.

Is Daily Masturbation Too Much?

Yes, masturbating on a daily basis is regarded as too much masturbation.

In order to avoid falling into the “excessive masturbation” zone, try to limit your masturbation to once a week. And never watch porn while masturbating. This includes soft-core pornography, as well as sexualized images from social media.

How Much Masturbation is Considered Excessive?

If you masturbate more than once in a single day, that is considered excessive.

If you masturbate more than a few times in a week, that is also excessive.

What is Extreme Masturbation?

Extreme masturbation can mean different things, depending on the context.

For some, it could mean “rough masturbation,” or having a “death grip.” That means that you masturbate so harshly that you damage the foreskin on your penis. For other people, extreme masturbation may mean masturbation over five times in a single day, or masturbating to extreme types of porn.

What Causes Masturbation?

There are many factors that could cause a person a masturbation crave.

For many, it is simply a habit they developed when they were younger. When you are young, it is much easier to form neural pathways. These pathways tend to stay for life, which is why quitting old addictions can be so difficult. People that started smoking when they were 14 have a much more difficult time quitting than when if they started smoking when they were 24.

Other causes of masturbation are:

  • Porn triggers

Porn triggers are any kind of digital or physical content that causes you to want to masturbate. Even the most minor thing can be a porn trigger if it affects you in that way. A casual piece of female clothing that you’ve fetishized can be a porn trigger. A website advertisement that causes you to crave pornography is also a trigger.

  • Excessive amounts of stress

When you are stressed out, you’ll want to masturbate as a means to release tension. Instead of masturbating, you can do some weight lifting or another type of exercise in order to distance your thoughts from the idea of masturbating. Plus, exercising is also going to release your stress and make you feel better, since exercising releases a lot of endorphins (the feel-good hormone) in your body.

  • Prolonged loneliness

If you are feeling lonely or depressed, you’ll want to orgasm by any means necessary, since reaching orgasm is going to alleviate the pain of loneliness.

If you are single, you have to understand that the loneliness you are feeling is a good thing. Loneliness may be a painful emotion, but it exists for a reason – it exists so that it motivates you to work on yourself and to give you the drive to socialize with new people.

Learn to use the things that make you sad to make you stronger. Follow your emotions and live a better life. Pornography is just going to distance you from the real-life encounters you are craving for.

Is Obsessive Masturbation the Same as Chronic Masturbation?

There are similarities between obsessive masturbation and chronic masturbation, although these two definitions are not the same thing.

Chronic masturbation is a pattern of masturbation, that includes masturbating for similar amounts of time on a daily and weekly basis. Obsessive masturbation means that you are spending a major part of your day thinking about your next masturbation.

Obsessive masturbation is worse than chronic masturbation, as it takes more time. The good thing is that both disorders can be treated with NoFap.

What is Masturbation Disorder?

A “masturbation disorder” is a type of psychological disorder where masturbation visible decreases your quality of life and doesn’t let you function on a normal basis.

If you find that you are missing school or work days because of masturbation – you have a masturbation disorder. If you are always late because of masturbating, and you find that it distances you from people, you have a masturbation disorder.

Having a diagnosed masturbation disorder is a more significant problem than simply being a chronic masturbator. You should talk to your psychologist regarding this, although adhering to NoFap and improving your health, diet, and lifestyle can cure this.

You should block all porn sites and social media while you are healing yourself from a masturbation disorder.

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