The Evils of Edging During NoFap

What is edging?

How is life on the bleeding edge?

The answer: pretty bad.

Here’s What Edging During NoFap Means:

Edging is the practice of stimulating your genitals with or without watching pornography.

According to many different sources, the act is very dangerous, despite many newbies thinking that edging while doing NoFap is better than masturbating.

People that are new to this scene think that edging makes them not relapse.

However, the reality is completely different.

Edging stimulates dopamine even more than ordinary masturbation does.

Edging Lasts Longer Than Normal PMO

This should be a great big “duh” moment for a lot of people.

Dopamine, in contrast to what many people believe in, is not actually released when you get something that you like – a reward.

Dopamine is actually released during the chase. It is a risk & reward chemical.

Evolutionary speaking, dopamine is what motivated us to keep doing things that gave us intermittent rewards.

For example – trying to mate with a female didn’t always work. But sometimes it did. Even if it worked 1 time out of 10, that would be enough to make your brain release dopamine the next time you see a female, as you’ll feel you have a 10% chance of mating with her.

Similarly, edging makes you swim in dopamine, as you feel that you are close to the reward (ejaculation), which never actually arrives.

It’s a movie without an ending.

What’s worse is that after you finish with this heinous act, the released dopamine is going to be left in your brain without any form of “release.” Ejaculations cause changes to your brain chemistry to compensate for the dopamine that has been released.

Edging truly is the worst of both worlds.

If You Want to Be a Bad Boy

Listen, there are different ways you can live on the “edge.”

Don’t be a NoFap Edger. Don’t be one of those guys.

Get good at something that counts, at something that you can show off.

Being a sharp dresser with killer abs is a good thing to be.

Most probably less than 1% of the guys around you are in that condition. Beating the abs fat devil is enough to bring you to edges you have never even dreamed of.

How to Block Porn

Interested in getting more NoFap Benefits? Check out the best way how to block porn:

How to Prevent Edging

Preventing edging is easy.

You need to get in tune with what is normal in life – i.e., you need to listen to your wishes.

Most people that have been victims of chronic masturbation also suffer from a variety of other different ailments.

Loneliness, social anxiety, internet addiction, reading addiction, and neurosis is just a small part of life’s journey that has gotten you to this point.

It is when you defeat those problems that you are going to have an easy time out in NoFap land (the land of high-semen volume).

That’s why you should spend some time in retrospection – think about the things you want to conquer, things that you want to change.

Most probably you want to be more social. You want to be more liked by your peers.

Even respect from men counts – life is not all about women.

To become a man that other men respect, you need to defeat your vices. You need to be free from addictions, and you need to live life on a goal-oriented basis.

You need to do things that stand the test of time. You should not spend your days trying to stimulate your dopamine receptors. That’s not what serious people do. 

Looking around, I see meditation and other gibberish suggested as a “fix” for the urge to edge.

That’s not true at all.

When you live a blissful life, you won’t have a need to mediate. You’ll have hours of happiness every day, and you won’t want to waste this little time you have doing frivolous things like yoga and meditation.

Learn to Become Strong

The only way out of this mess is to become a stronger version of yourself.

This means failing.

Learning from mistakes.

Moving through obstacles.

That’s why we have each other for support.

 NoFap Edging Questions and Answers: 

Is NoFap Edging Okay?

Under any circumstance is edging not okay – you must understand that no matter whether you are under or above the 90-day mark on the NoFap challenge, edging is not something that is going to be good for you.

This is like asking whether taking hard drugs from time to time is okay – it never is. All rational people know this.

If you feel like you are going to break any second and you have passed the 90-day mark of NoFap, then you can MO (masturbate, orgasm) on a rare occasion. Try not to do it two days in a row, and try not MO more than once in the day. You can use MO as a substitute for edging, as it far more healthy, although not masturbating is the healthiest option.

How to Recover from Edging?

Recovery from edging is a situation where you’ve already started to edge or are thinking about it.

In order to recover from edging, you have to change your focus to something else. You must also stop with any kind of thoughts regarding edging. Don’t think how nice or relaxing is going to be. Most people on forums typically recommend that you do a few push-ups or sit-ups, as that’s going to release a lot of endorphins which are going to make you feel better without having to edge.

Is Edging Worse than Masturbation?

Yes, in every imaginable scenario, edging is worse than masturbation. Always, always masturbate to ejaculation if you are going in that direction.

Some people ask why is there a difference between practicing semen retention (meaning having sex without reaching orgasm) and edging. The difference is that sex lasts less than edging, and you don’t have full control over your stimulation – meaning you also have to satisfy your partner, and regular sex also has different elements to it, which satisfy different parts of the brain with different amounts of chemicals.

Plus, semen retention means you have a partner, meaning you are onto a healthy path in life. Edging usually implies the opposite.

Does Edging Count as a Relapse?

This is a difficult question, as it depends on the context. Edging may or may not imply that you have relapsed.

Here’s a rough definition: if you are edging for several days in a row, and if the edging is becoming drastic (meaning taking you more than an hour) that would mean that you have relapsed. If you edged just once and it lasted for less than 15 minutes, and you became aware of the harm you’re inflicting on yourself, that would not count as a relapse.

What Counts as Edging?

Some guys that are starting on NoFap think that any kind of accidental touching of the penis is going to count as edging. The truth is that some stimulation is not harmful – you have to touch your genitals on a daily basis in order to function.

Usually, edging lasts longer than a few seconds and is not accidental. If you are touching yourself while watching stimulating material, then you are most definitely edging.

Is Edging Caused by Depression?

You don’t have to worry about this one – edging doesn’t have to be caused by any kind of depressive or other psychological disorder. Normal people can edge – it happens. You are on NoFap and your brain is going to look for loopholes in order to try to get a fap out of you. So, if you edge, don’t worry – you are not depressed.

Is Edging Allowed After Reboot?

No, edging is not allowed after you have completed your porn reboot.

Some people do MO after their 90-day reboot, although some choose not to do even that. You can decide which camp you are going to be. I recommend the latter.

What to do if You Can’t Stop Edging

If you find yourself in a situation where you keep edging for several days in a row, you know it’s bad, and still can’t stop, then you have a problem. Read this article from top to bottom again, and try to find inspiration to break free from this loop.

Look – bad stuff can happen. Don’t worry about it. Just like you managed to find NoFap and do part of the rewiring process, it is understandable that you can fail. Perhaps your time hasn’t come yet. Perhaps you need more NoFap motivation.

Are There Benefits to Edging?

There are no benefits to edging, unless you count feeling isolated and social anxiety as a benefit.

Always do a full MO before thinking about edging – at least the negative side-effects are not going to be as horrible. Ideally, try to find a girl with whom you are going to be intimate.

Are There any Side-Effects to Edging?

Just as this article implies throughout its content, there are many negative side-effects to edging, which is why people on NoFap shouldn’t do it. Some of the symptoms of edging include:

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of regret
  • PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction)
  • Brain fog
  • Lack of focus
  • Forgetfulness

Edging is not worth it.

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