How to Pass All 6 NoFap Stages

This post should serve as an addition to the timeline post, which is recommended reading for everyone starting the NoFap challenge.

While that post gives a brief introduction into the necessity of having a clear timeline of NoFap, this post is going to list what different time periods (stages) have in store for the new anti-fapper.

Why You Need to Know the Stages of NoFap

Many people like to start doing a project based solely on emotions.

They want to feel an “itch” to do something, and then use that drive as the main motivator for the activity.

But that is wrong on so many levels.

While yes, having the drive and itch to do something is important, you also need to have a clear idea of how you are going to do it.

Imagine building something as simple as a garage without having a blueprint of the raw materials you are going to need? It’s not going to work.

This means that having a clear idea of the pain and pleasures you are going to endure during your NoFap journey is important.

You are going to know beforehand when to expect a relapse, and when to expect a huge growth to your creativity levels. Yes, both of these things are going to happen during certain stages of NoFap.

NoFap Stage 1: Ignorance

This is also called the “pre-fappening” phase.

It’s basically the time when you are still unaware of NoFap, and believe in what random entertainment websites have told you – that masturbating is a normal, healthy activity and that only weirdos don’t make love to their hand.

I still can’t believe how many articles have been published with a pro-masturbation goal in mind.

Just take a look.

This article is about women.

These articles are unbelievable. “How to make masturbation a part of your wellness routine.”

What wellness? Wellness starts and ends with removing addictions from your life.

There was a point in my life where I actually believed in this.

Here you are, destroying your life by not enjoying the mental benefits of semen retention, and some quasi-doctor comes in and says you should just continue fapping to porn.

You might be wondering why you are suffering from procrastination, lack of motivation, mental clarity and have problems achieving an erection, and a”doctor” comes along to tell you that all of those things are in your head.

You can literally cure 99% of all mental disorders by not fapping like a madman.

Stage 2: Excitement

The excitement stage is the point in time when you start to feel much better.

You might think that NoFap is some kind of trick to lift you up, but actually, those positive feelings you have inside of you, are the normal you.

Chronic masturbation and watching pornography were draining your mind and body out of essential nutrients. This was causing you to suffer the negative effects of low self-agency – a type of existence characterized by not having the will to control and change things in your life.

They were also feeding you the biggest lie there is – that you are content with your life. You should never be content – you should always strive to have more.

There are entire industries built on the fact that people develop trivial problems and then sell them books and pills in order to “solve” problems that don’t even exist. Procrastination is one such trivial problem –  why would anyone not want do something that would benefit them?

Being excited about NoFap is one of the best stages of your journey.

Stage 3: “Blue Balls”

If you have been a heavy fapper, be prepared to have a long period of blue balls.

This is no ordinary blue balls.

You are going to be sneakily attacked by pain in your testicles, and you are not going to have any idea why.

You’ll be sitting alone on your computer and BANG your balls are going to feel like they have been stomped on by Bill Cosby.

Expect the balls’ period to pass by day 20-25.

Stage 4: Flatline

Ah, the dreaded flatline period.

Most people that relapse or start to lose faith in the NoFap cult are usually in this stage.

Flatline basically means that you lose your libido and enjoyment of all things sexual. No, you won’t lose interest in girls, but you might suffer from an active case of sexual disinterest.

Researchers say that this is the period when the brain is busy rewiring itself – cleansing itself from all the dopamine stimulation and pornography.

Since you are an adult, neuroplasticity takes a long time. The older you are, the slower it goes. The more you fapped, the longer the cleanse is going to take.

The takeaway here is to remain active during this process. Work on yourself, lift weights and buy better clothes. Socialize with new people and have a good time.

Stage 5: Reincarnation

After the flatline ends, it is then that you are going to experience the second most exciting stage of NoFap.

This time the ups and downs are going to much less extreme.

It means that you are going to be able to stabilize your life at a level of functioning that is fertile to personal growth and success.

Stage 6: Settling Down

This is the final stage, which happens at least 12 months after you’ve begun doing NoFap.

Relapsing on NoFap won’t reset your counter – at least unless it’s a full-on relapse that includes a week of watching porn and masturbating. The best way to prevent relapsing is to get mentally prepared for the periods of NoFap depression that may affect you.

You’ll know that your relapse episode has gone bad if your old fetishes start to return back.

Settling down also means that you are going to become more mature when it comes to your life decisions.

For some people this might include real setting down – i.e., getting married. For others, it might include finishing college or getting a more serious, stable type of job.

NoFap Stages Questions and Answers

What is the Timeline of the NoFap Stages?

There is a specific post regarding the time of the NoFap stages which you can view here.

The article goes into more details regarding the specific days, weeks and months of the NoFap stages.

Are the Reboot Stages the Same as the NoFap Recovery Stages?

Yes, the NoFap reboot stages are the same as the NoFap recovery stages.

The only difference is in the terminology used.

What are the Stages of NoFap Withdrawal?

The stages of NoFap withdrawal are the following:

  • Ignorance
  • Excitement
  • Blue balls
  • Flatline
  • “Reincarnation”
  • And finally, settling down

In other words, they are the same as the ones listed in this article for porn withdrawal.

It doesn’t matter whether you are withdrawing from porn, or doing NoFap in hard mode – you are going to go through the same stages.

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