Daily (90+ Days) NoFap Timeline

Many guys on the NoFap journey become curious about what’s going to happen to them during the next several days and weeks of the NoFap timeline.

First of all; the bad news.

It is not a question of whether, but of when you are going to relapse.

It’s kind of similar like motorcycle riding. It’s a tradition that all new riders are told that it is not a question of if they are going to fall, but when. That’s why ATGATT is a real thing.

Urban Dictionary:

A motorcycling acronym used in basic theory and practical motorcycling lessons to remind motorcyclists to wear All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT), referring to jacket, helmet, pants and gloves.
When I took my safety course to attain a basic license, I was reminded to wear ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time).

Relapsing does not mean you are going to lose your “progress.” This is not a video game.

You don’t have to reset your NoFap tracker at every relapse.

Perhaps, reset it if you relapse 3 days in a row.

Anyway, to get back on topic:

The NoFap Timeline Is Lifelong

Here’s how I imagine most guys progress through the NoFap timeline.

At first, it is extremely difficult to control your urges.

That’s why you begin searching for what happens on Day 1 of NoFap, then on what happens during the first week, the second week and so on.

This lasts until week 3-4, which is the approximate time when your body and testicles are going to adjust to the new “celibate” reality.

Many guys have reported severe blue balls during the first 2-3 weeks – so be warned.

Anyway, after that dark period passes, you are going to have a much better time doing NoFap.

After the first 30 days, you are going to start feeling the first glimpses of your superpowers.

Day 90 of NoFap is Amazing

Day 90 of NoFap is going to give you the confidence to endure NoFap for a much longer time.

I mean, imagine this: if you feel good on day 30, how much better are you going to feel on day 60 or day 90 of NoFap?

The answer is simple: every month is better than the previous one.

However, as with all good things, even this has its limitations.

I noticed that around 120 days, the increase in benefits starts to slow down to a trickle. That’s not a bad thing.

Just because your “gains” are going to slow down, that doesn’t mean that you’ll revert back. By the fourth month, you are not going to be able to compare yourself to the previous you.

Things that previously interested you are going to be boring.

You’ll feel ashamed of some of your previous hobbies.

You’ll want to do more competitive things. You are going to want to be better at the things you enjoy. You are going to want to socialize.

Real people instead of digital ones are going to be your friends. You are going to enjoy going out with them, instead of playing games.

You’ll remember your computer as a distant, happy memory. He’ll be besides you in your room, and you’ll be grateful for the company that he kept you.

Your PC was always there for you in the days when you were sad or lonely. When no girl wanted to talk to you.

He was the company you can rely on. And he’ll always be there for you.

But you’ll grow up, and your life is going to gravitate towards new areas.

And this is where the good news comes:

All the previous geeky hobbies you enjoyed, all the tech gadgets you’ve collected and IT skills you’ve developed are going to make you the best at whatever you do.

You’ll type faster than other people, your Google-fu is going to be awesome, and you’ll have deduction skills that can’t be rivaled.

Which means NoFap won’t change you. The NoFap timeline won’t make a difference.

You are going to continue being the same person, but you’ll be connected with the rest of the world, and you’ll be able to leave your mark.

Consuming media on the internet is interesting, but being a creator is even better. It is not a coincidence that you had to spend thousands of hours on the internet, playing games or binge watching TV shows. Destiny had those activities in store for you, and today is the day when you are going to outgrow these activities, and begin your journey towards discovering what else has destiny in store for you.

I only have one wish for you.

Make good use of your superpowers. When you start developing your masculine mindset and energy, use it for good. Become maximally competitive at whatever you do.

Always be in control in the situations you are present. Don’t let other people control your environment.

By using your newfound energy for good I mean make a good life for yourself and the people close to you. Your family. Watch out for your friends, and they will watch out for you.

Don’t be afraid of saying no.

NoFap is going to make you feel angry about things that previously didn’t upset you.

You should feel anger if you believe you’ve been wronged. Anger is what’s going to fuel your motivation to become even better.

NoFap Timeline Overview:

  • First 1-4 days: No more feelings of shame.
  • Day 5: You’re amazed at how much cleaner you are. No more wet wipes.
  • Day 7: Brain fog is a distant memory (sorry for the pun)
  • Day 14: Prolactin levels start to decrease. Your body is going to start activating your old androgen receptors.
  • Day 15-20: The NoFap flatline might kick-in.
  • Day 21: You have a lot more free time available. Boredom kicks in.
  • Day 25: The blue balls period is officially over.
  • Day 30: Craving and urges are starting to reduce.
  • Day 40: Girls are going to start noticing you more often. You’ll keep better eye contact.
  • Day 60: PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) is going to become less of a problem. Complete elimination of the symptoms is going to take at least 90 days, with some heavy fappers needing 6-12 months. Stay strong.
  • Day 80: Social anxiety is going to be severely decreased. You’ll be able to have conversations with strangers, and you won’t find going out as tiring as before.
  • Day 90: Most internet users consider this milestone a complete reboot. This doesn’t mean you stop doing NoFap. The first 90 days are just a “cleanse.” By cleaning your mind and body, you’ve hopefully grown an appreciation for NoFap and would continue doing it for the rest of your life.
  • Day 100 – You’ll start eliminating other drugs, like alcohol. Carbonated mineral water is going to become your new friend.
  • Month 3: Your memory is going to be much better. You’ll want to exercise or even start weightlifting.
  • Month 4: Porn is going to look disgusting. In a deep, perverse way.
  • Month 6: If you had any weird fetishes, the cravings and symptoms are going to start to be going away. You’ll find enjoyment in more ordinary sexual situations.
  • Month 9-12: You’ll have rock-hard erections like never before in your life. Warn your girlfriend. Sex is going to feel amazing. You’ll always outlast your partner.
  • Year 2: You’ll never look back at your former life.

NoFap Timeline Questions and Answers:

What is the NoFap Recovery Timeline?

The NoFap recovery timeline is a basic timeline that shows an approximate amount of time needed to treat the problems caused by PMO.

The timeline gives a rough overview of the symptoms and effects you’ll be feeling on a daily and weekly basis. The timeline is available above this QA section.

The primary benefit of why people read about he NoFap timeline is because it is useful to know when you might feel some of the good and bad effects of NoFap. While NoFap offers a lot of positives (such as the benefits and superpowers), there are certain cons, such as having a low libido from the NoFap flatline, which is why being aware of all options is so important.

The cons of NoFap, like the flatline, do not last for a long time, which is why NoFap is worth it.

What are the Stages of the NoFap Timeline?

There are six different NoFap stages that have been carefully categorized in a special article available here.

For most people though, the NoFap timeline is going to prove to be more useful than the NoFap list of stages.

Why is Day 7 the Most Difficult Day of NoFap?

Many people have reported that the period around day 7 of NoFap, is, in fact, the most difficult one.

The reason is that the withdrawal symptoms reach their peak around that time frame, and since only seven days have passed since you started doing NoFap, you’re still not used to living by this new habit. Once two or three weeks pass, you’ll have a much easier time on the NoFap timeline.

What are the Differences in the NoFap Hardmode Timeline?

The NoFap timeline is not a static entity – different people are going to go through different things, and the same goes for the different types of NoFap.

The two main types of NoFap are NoFap hard mode and the regular mode. The difference is that the NoFap hard mode can be more difficult to adhere to, but on the plus side, the benefits would arrive sooner and be stronger in effect.

Typically, you can expect to accelerate the effects of NoFap by doing the hard mode version by at least 25-30%. So, if you’d expect to lift your brain fog after seven days of NoFap, with NoFap hard mode, you can expect that to happen in five days.

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