NoFap Hard Mode is Best Mode

There has been a debate in the NoFap community about whether one should do NoFap hard mode or NoFap easy mode.

The answer is not as simple as it sounds.

Most people that I’ve met do NoFap in easy mode – which is nothing to sneeze at. When you think about the trillions of fappers out there, you have to have a degree of respect for those people that do NoFap – in any mode.

NoFap Hard Mode vs NoFap Easy Mode

Every game has at least three difficulty levels – not everyone is as interested in engaging their full attention and focus to do the same activities.

I’m not saying that I understand the logic and reasoning behind why someone does NoFap in easy mode (I have an ever more difficult time understand the guys that do MO – masturbation without pornography). But I do try to understand them, and I do give them props.

When you are all lone, enjoying your time in the easy-mode land, know that there are some people out there who respect that about you.

Anyway, if you’ve spent some time reading this website, you’ll probably know that I’m more into the NoFap Extreme Mode edition. This article is going to explain why.

Benefits of NoFap Hard Mode

Obviously, the benefits of NoFap hard mode are going to be too many to list in this simple textual form, but I’ll do my best:

  • You reap 10x as many benefits
  • You’ll start feeling better sooner
  • You’ll have an edge over not only over the fappers demographic, but over the easy mode non-fappers as well
  • You’ll be twice as attractive
  • Your semen volume is going to speak volumes about you as a man

Side-Effects of NoFap Hard Mode

[need to list cons]

Benefits of NoFap Easy Mode

As I try to be as objective as possible, there are some pros to doing NoFap in easy mode. Here they are:

  • It’s easier to get started
    • Since NoFap easy mode is less of a commitment, it should be easier for a newbie to learn the ropes until he is strong enough for NoFap truth mode.
  • Good for shy people
    • Since NoFap easy mode doesn’t work as well as hard mode, you’ll receive less attention and interest from the opposite sex, which is a godsend for shy guys.
      • (not sure if any guys stay shy after doing NoFap)
  • You’ll still be a part of a community
    • Since masturbation addiction is closely linked to feelings of loneliness and inadequacy, doing NoFap on easy mode still yields the same feelings of community and belonging as the full-mode does.
  • It can help you with porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED)
    • Note: Nofap hard mode helps with PIED even more.

Side-Effects of NoFap Easy Mode

The cons are basically the opposite of all the pros I’ve listed in the first part.


  • Benefits will come much more slowly
  • You’ll need more time to recover from sexual exhaustion
  • You might relapse due to engaging in mindless social media browsing
  • No one is going to give you compliments on your semen volume
  • You won’t have an edge over the hard mode non-fappers

All in all, I’d say start in the easy mode camp if you feel like you are not 100% ready to give it all – otherwise, save yourself months of waiting and start doing NoFap difficult mode.

This is especially true if you already know about the basics, have the terminology ready, and have even done some light mode masturbation abstinence.

NoFap Hard Mode Questions and Answers:

What are the Main Rules of NoFap Hard Mode?

The main rules of NoFap hard mode are that you must do the NoFap challenge in the cleanest way possible.

That means no peeking at any kind of erotic images – including softcore ones.

It also means that you should skip on watching overly erotic movies. Of course, there are going to be makeout scenes in most movies and TV shows these days, so that’s something you are going to have to live with.

Although – if you become a highly productive individual and learn new things on a daily basis, you won’t even have that much time to spend watching videos.

Edging is something that you mustn’t even think about, let alone engage in.

So, to sum things up: NoFap hard mode means that not only you are not going to masturbate or edge, but that you are going to skip on any kind of erotically stimulating media.

There’s a reason why monk mode is another word people use for the hard mode version of NoFap.

What are the Benefits of Doing NoFap on Hard Mode?

The benefits are obvious:

You are going to get the biggest amount of gains in the shortest amount of time.

The reason why is that doing NoFap on hard mode means that you are going to be processing even less daily stimulation than by just doing NoFap on normal mode.

NoFap works because it limits the amount of artificial stimulation you are receiving on a daily basis. That allows you to readjust and to start to enjoy the smaller things in life.

Anything that makes NoFap more “difficult” is going to speed up this process of readjustment. The cleaner your NoFap diet is, the better results you’ll get.

I would even suggest that the younger you started doing PMO, the more important it is for you to do NoFap hard mode instead of regular mode.

The bigger the baggage you are carrying, the more drastic measures are going to be needed.

Can Hard Mode Cure ED?

Yes, doing the hard mode version of NoFap can cure erectile dysfunction, and is actually one of the main reasons why you should do NoFap this way.

ED is the main reasons why guys do NoFap. If you are a heavy masturbator, there is a big likelihood that you are going to suffer from ED at a young age – ED has been known to happen to 18-year old guys. The stuff that is happening out there is not good.

If you are having trouble keeping an erection, that is all the more reason why you should do the most difficult type of NoFap.

Being impotent can have a very negative effect on a guy’s psyche, so don’t waste time doing the “lite” types of NoFap. Some guys even engage in MO during their NoFap streaks, which you shouldn’t even think about if you are suffering from ED.

Can I Get More Superpowers with NoFap Hard Mode?

Yes you can.

Okay, to give a better explanation – you may not get “more” superpowers as in a number of superpowers, but you can get them sooner, and their effects can be stronger in magnitude.

That’s equally if not even more important than having a larger number of superpowers.

How Long Should NoFap Hardmode be Done for?

There is no difference in the amount of time you should do NoFap hardmode in comparison to the other types.

If you planned on doing NoFap for 90 days, the same holds true if you want to do NoFap on hard mode.

NoFap is something you do for life, so there is no reason why you should put limits on this.

Trust me, once you do it for 90 days, you’ll never want to become a masturbator again.

That’s not how you imagined yourself when you were growing up.

Follow your dreams and become the strong dude you always wanted to be.

Does NoFap Hard Mode Have an Effect on Hair?

You should definitely check out the dedicated article on NoFap hair growth, but to sum things up:

If NoFap regular mode has improved the density of your hair (or you have started to see some amount of hair regrowth), then doing NoFap on hard more is going to improve things even more.

All benefits of NoFap regular mode get increased on hard mode.

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