The Benefits and Side-Effects of NoFap Counters

If you’ve been over at the NoFap Reddit group, you’ve no doubtlessly noticed that many users have a daily counter right after their usernames.

Why is that?

Well for starters, it’s a badge of honor. Almost like being in the military.

The more veteran an anti-fapper is (or antidopaminer), the more respect he’s going to have in the community.

Since he has been through so much, his advice is going to carry weight.

Everyone is Using a NoFap Counter (Tracker)

If you are ever going to pass a significant milestone during your time on the NoFap challenge, it’d be good if you share some of the insights on this website as well as on the other communities.

The more we help each other out, the better our lives are going to become.

Every person in the world feels better when they give value. Taking value actually makes you feel worse.

That’s why people like donating and volunteering. Most do that not because they are nice – but because they feel better, they feel like they are doing the right thing.

Learning how to manipulate your own brain’s chemistry is a long way to master your life.

Don’t fall prey to your emotions.

Learn how to create the emotions you need.

Use a NoFap counter.

NoFap Tracker Questions and Answers:

What is the Best NoFap Counter App?

The best NoFap counter that is currently available is the one found on the main NoFap subreddit:

Additional NoFap trackers for Windows, iOS and Android-based operating systems are going to be added to this page soon. Although that niche is severely under-supplied, meaning there are some platforms that are not going to have dedicated NoFap counters.

In those cases, it is advisable to simply use the NoFap subreddit via your mobile browser.

Is a NoFap Streak Counter the Same Thing as a NoFap Tracker?

Yes, a NoFap streak counter is the same this as a NoFap tracker. The main purpose of these types of trackers is to count how many days you have been relapse-free, so any application that counts this statistic is going to satisfy your need.

What is the Best NoFap Counter Badge?

A counter badge is a small icon or badge that can be embedded on different websites or online communities.

The tracker I listed in the first question of this Q&A works just as well for this purpose.

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