27 NoFap Benefits to Supercharge Your Manliness

You know the old proverb, “a man has as many masters as he has vices”?

That is true on a profound level.

It staggers me when I see how many people are trying to work on improving their lives by taking supplements, multivitamins or going on the latest fad diet, while doing nothing to eliminate the addictions (one of which is fapping to pornography) that are plaguing their lives.

There is a reason why vices and addictions have since always been considered a bad thing – it is not a question about religion or moral standards. It’s about your health.

People have tried to describe some activities as vices so that they can help you.

There Are Over 27 Different NoFap Benefits

When your parents told you not to smoke cigarettes, they were trying to help you out. The same goes for PMO.

As many people have noted on popular NoFap communities, their lives take a complete 180-degree turn once they start abstaining from internet porn. Not all benefits are going to appear at the same time – the NoFap benefits timeline is different than the 90-Day NoFap timeline. You should also know that there are both short-term and long-term NoFap benefits.

For example, hair regrowth is a long-term benefit, as hibernating hair follicles need at least 100 days in order to activate. A short-term benefit would be weight loss and clear, acne-free skin. These two side-effects can appear quickly due to their correlation with the hormonal changes NoFap and living a healthy lifestyle can bring.

What follows is the ultimate NoFap benefits list in existence:

NoFap Benefit #1: Limitless Motivation

(note: picture is from the movie Pain & Gain. Don’t end up like those guys).

Just like the intro of this website says – all humans are sexual beings. Everything in life is about sex. This doesn’t mean that you need to be addicted to sexual stimulation or pursuing women.

In fact, one of the worst things you can do to your motivational and creative drive is to sexually exhaust yourself.

The way the brain works is simple – the less satisfied you are with the circumstances of your life, the more motivated you are going to be. Sexual deprivation is a real thing. It works.

In other words, men that don’t get enough sex, tend to transform into natural born hustlers. Instead of living vicariously through TV show characters, you can literally become such a character if you stop sexually stimulating yourself to exhaustion.

#2: Alpha-Male Levels of Confidence

I must admit, this NoFap benefit is a bit of an exaggeration.

Not that it isn’t true or that doing NoFap is not going to make this possible for you, but for the fact that achieving alpha-male levels of confidence is a feat of faith that is going to require a lot of time and energy dedicated to it.

The truth is that NoFap is the very first step to a lifelong path that every man should take. The NoFap timeline lasts for far more than 90 days. The idea behind the “90 days challenge” is to immerse you into the NoFap lifestyle so that you can enjoy some of the benefits – and then stay on the challenge for as long as possible.

I’m going to do my best here to help out with all the other NoFap stages, but that’s not going to be an easy task.

How to Block Porn

Interested in getting more NoFap Benefits? Check out the best way how to block porn:

Whether that means getting a good, employable degree or a high-paying job, you are going to have to take certain risks and break through your comfort zone in order to get ahead in life.

Using NoFap to attract girls is going to be extremely similar in terms of difficulty.

Going on dates, defeating social anxiety, noticing subconscious signs of attraction, being fun and knowing when to kino escalate takes time and energy. NoFap is just the beginning spark in this journey you have to undertake.

#3: You Will Become a Leader of Men

When a man is able to conquer his vices, he becomes a role model for all other men.

Our lives are not shaped by the good things that we do – those are plenty. Our lives are shaped by not engaging in gluttony, laziness, and negativity.

Once you set your priorities straight – glory, and thus eternity is within reach.

You only have one chance at life – don’t mess it up.

#4: No More ED and Anxiety

This one is a biggie.

I would be willing to bet that at least 1/4th of the members of various NoFap communities are there because they were searching for a solution to their ED (erectile dysfunction) problems.

This is such a huge problem, and it is affecting more and more guys – some that are not even 25 yet.

Decades ago, ED used to happen to guys that were past the age of 65 – today, even scientists are puzzled as to why it is happening to young guys.

They don’t have to be puzzled – as the reason why it happens is that of desensitization.

Porn literally raises the bar on what you need in order to get aroused, which makes it more and more difficult for ordinary women in ordinary situations to be able to arouse the average, fapped-out of his mind male.

The weirder your fetish is, the more difficult it’s going to be for you to get aroused. Which is a problem – as many girls get aroused only when you are.

The good news?

NoFap did, in fact, help those that tried it out in eliminating their PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) problems.

But be warned: you need at least 90 days of the NoFap challenge in order to start seeing results. Some may even need to carefully abstain for 6+ months.

#5: Crystal Clear Thinking

Continuing with the review of NoFap benefits, this one is related to the previous point – the one about being more motivated.

The fact of the matter is that motivation (and having high amounts of agency) are going to make your brain work twice as hard at solving cognitive problems. That’s a great advantage to have in life.

Just like sexual exhaustion can make you physically slower, the same happens with your brain. Fapping to porn makes it lazies. It makes it worse. If you are 30 and are wondering you why felt much better at 20 or 25 – it’s not because you have aged. You’ve just developed daily routines that have harmed how you function.

Once your body and hormones signal that you have “accomplished” your sexual mission for the day (when masturbating, your mind believes that you are mating with all of those hot women on the computer screen), the brain is going to try to slowly ease you into the “relaxation” mode.

Have you ever wondered why the only thing you want to do after sex is sleep? Weirdly, the same is not true for girls.

#6: Balanced Hormones

It is a well-known fact that as men age, their testosterone levels begin to decrease. This is kind of similar to what happens to women (which culminates when they enter menopause), with the only difference being that men never completely “enter” the male version of menopause.

What happens is that after the age of 30, your levels will slowly start to lower into, but never reach the amount of 0 ng/dL free testosterone levels. The average rate of testosterone loss is about 1% per year.

The good news is that if you join the NoFap challenge, you are going to have a MUCH easier time getting older.


Because according to this study, the amount of testosterone receptors in the male brain decreases after achieving sexual satiety.


Males rats were sacrificed 48 h, 72 h or 7 days after sexual satiety (4 h ad libitum copulation) to determine ARd by immunocytochemistry; additionally, testosterone serum levels were measured in independent groups sacrificed at the same intervals. In another experiment, males were tested for recovery of sexual behavior 48 h, 72 h or 7 days after sexual satiety. The results showed that 48 h after sexual satiety 30% of the males displayed a single ejaculation and the remaining 70% showed a complete inhibition of sexual behavior. This reduction in sexual behavior was accompanied by an ARd decrease exclusively in the MPOA-medial part (MPOM). Seventy-two hours after sexual satiety there was a recovery of sexual activity accompanied by an increase in ARd to control levels in the MPOM and an overexpression of ARd in the LSV, BST, VMH and MeA. Serum testosterone levels were unmodified during the post-satiety period. The results are discussed on the basis of the similarities and discrepancies between ARd in specific brain areas and male sexual behavior.

70% of male rats had COMPLETE inhibition of sexual behavior after three days (72 hours) of sexual exhaustion (which is a codeword for chronic masturbation). Afterwards, they needed 3 days of sexual abstinence in order to recover to their previous level of sexual activity.

In other words, fapping to porn is destroying your social life.

Doing the opposite of what this study did is going to offer you more benefits: not achieving sexual satiety (i.e. masturbating to porn) would help you keep a large percentage of your androgen (testosterone) receptors, meaning you are going to be able to enjoy the positive effects of testosterone even if your levels drop.

The more androgen receptors you have, the less free testosterone you need. It’s simple math.

In many cases, you might even feel better at age 35 than at 20 due to the fact that most guys spend a lot of time doing PMO at that age, meaning although they have peak testosterone levels (especially if they are at a good body fat percentage), the amount of androgen receptors they have is probably extremely low.

#7: Balanced Emotions

A positive side-effect of LITERALLY swimming in testosterone and androgen receptors is that your emotions are going to be neatly balanced.

That means you won’t be a walking neurotic mess, having road rage accidents and career-ruining anger outbursts at work.

It is a myth that testosterone leads to aggression and violence.

What testosterone leads to is an overactive competitive drive, which for most well-adjusted people means that they are going to try to do a better job at work, or if they are younger, at school.

Have you ever wondered why some people can never seem to have enough money? Because they are not doing things for money – they are working and making even more money because they want to win. That’s what an overactive competitive drive does to your life. It fills it with riches.

#8: Social Benefits

A weird thing happens to guys when you make them realize the degree of loneliness they are suffering: they become relentless in improving their social life.

Whether that is networking with like-minded individuals, or approaching girls, quitting the PMO-stuffed lifestyle will make you realize whether you are truly happy with the place you are at with your life.

It appears that once guys reach orgasm, they feel like they have “succeeded” in socializing for the day, and they begin to subconsciously limit their social interactions. They don’t have an accurate perception of the reality around them.

I mean, can you imagine some guy masturbating 5-7 times in a single day and then having the energy to have interesting and deep conversations with people he doesn’t know?

It’s simply not possible. Sexual exhaustion is a real thing.

#9: (Controversial) Hair Growth

I admit, this part is a bit controversial.

There are two sides to this story.

One is that some people on forums have been noticing an improvement in the density and quality of the hair on their scalps. Note that no one is claiming to have the hair of a 14-year old – they are just saying that they feel their hair is better.

In addition to that, some studies have shown that masturbating increases the amount of DHT (Dihydrotestosteronein free circulation. The thing about DHT is that studies have shown that it is the main factor in triggering hair loss in adult males.


Increased serum concentrations of DHT were observed in patients with androgenetic alopecia (17 women, 5 men), but also in the control group. The differences in mean values of DHT were not significant according to the types of alopecia and the control group. Increased serum concentrations of DHT were not correlated with the advance of alopecia.

Dihydrotestosterone is the most influential androgen and seems to play a very important role in the pathogenesis of androgenetic alopecia. Based on the results of our study and others, the most important factors would appear to be the genetically-determined sensitivity of the follicles to DHT and their different reactions to androgen concentration.

It is guys that have the highest amount of DHT, which also explains why women have far less hair loss.

On the other hand, the only scientifically backed way of getting your hair back is to get a surgical hair transplant, so each person should individually think about the pros and cons of that.

NoFap might cause hair growth, but a hair transplant will definitely do so.

Perhaps do both?

#10: Hygiene Becomes 10x Easier

Do you think Niko Belic would fap?

I’m not sure about CJ, but Niko ain’t no fapper.

Do you think he would have hygiene problems and have to keep Cleanex in his room?

Note: It is appropriate to have Cleanex or other kinds of wet wipes in your room if you have a girl coming over.

#11: Dopamine Rebalancing a.k.a. Becoming a Stud

We’re finally at the chapter from which this site was named after.

Only kidding – I named the site much earlier than this article even existed.

Anyway, dopamine and serotonin are two of the most important neurotransmitters. Having these imbalanced (which is how most people are today) can completely wreck how a person behaves.

For example, buying things (shopping) makes for a massive dopamine release. If a person lets himself be guided solely by his emotions (as people that fap a lot usually do), then he can conclude that mindlessly spending money on various trivial “collections” of stuff can be a worthwhile activity.

That’s how guys end up owning 5 different pairs of Nike Air Jordans, while not having a single suit for a work occasion.

Anyway, that’s why I usually recommend people to check out my articles on substitute activities, artificial stimulants, and primal shopping, so that they can get their habits back in order.

#12: Improved Focus and Concentration (Anti-ADHD Measures)

ADHD truly is the plague of our generation.

Masturbation does increase the number of attention problems a person has, which should be a reason enough for you to quit watching porn.

Chemically speaking, ADHD is more closely related to serotonin rather than to dopamine, but don’t worry about it – fixing one of these issues is going to fix the other one as well.

Anyway, ADHD rates have been going up in recent years, which does add to the theory that it could be partially caused by too much stimulation to the prefrontal cortex.


The percent of children estimated to have ADHD has changed over time and its measurement can vary. The American Psychiatric Association states in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5, 2013) that 5% of children have ADHD. However, other studies in the US have estimated higher rates in community samples.

The percent of children 4-17 years of age ever diagnosed with ADHD had previously increased, from 7.8% in 2003 to 9.5% in 2007 and to 11.0% in 2011-12.
The number of young children (ages 2-5) who had ADHD at the time of the survey increased by more than 50% from the 2007-2008 survey to the 2011-12 survey.

The CDC itself says that ADHD rates are going up like crazy – they increased by almost 30% from 2003 to 2012. You need to be careful and do everything possible not to fall into the ADHD (overstimulation) trap.

#13: No Brain Fog

Brain fog is a type of phase in the functioning of the brain, where your mind has decided that it had enough with “thinking,” and now can now put itself on “standby.”

You don’t want your brain to be on standby. Not even for one minute.

If you are 20 years old, that means you have around 40 years of “prime” life left. That’s not a lot of time at all.

Make the most of it as possible. Place yourself in a position where winning and choosing your own destiny is possible.

It only takes one mistake to end up not being in control of your life.

By not being in control of your life I’m talking about having to please other people (coworkers, bosses, etc.) so that they don’t take action against you. If you become the type of person who is NEEDED because of the things he brings to the table, you are going to have a much easier time not having to please other people. You’ll be able to stay and live on your own terms.

#14: The Stamina You Always Wanted to Have

Oh, the stamina fapstronauts have.

I don’t know whether this happens solely because of NoFap, or whether because most nofappers tend to enjoy weight lifting and exercise, but yeah, your stamina is going to greatly increase while doing NoFap.

Being intimate with a woman for a long time is not going to be a problem at all. Not just in terms of lasting a long time, but also by not having to deal with issues like premature ejaculation and stuff like that.

Just try not to relapse during NoFap. A proper relapse can set you back for months. A small relapse might be just a blip on the radar.

#15: Depression Can’t Get a Hold of You

Once you spend a few weeks/months doing NoFap, depression is a word you are going to have trouble spelling.

Not because of dyslexia or something like that, but because you are going to stop needing to use the word (like for typing “depression symptoms” in Google).

I know, we’ve all tried doing using the internet to self-diagnose a few times or so. Doctors actually get offended if you talk to them about this.

Anyway, you won’t have depression, and neither will people around you – because you are going to end up spending time with positive, successful people.

#16: Reduced Response to Stressful Stimuli

Responding to stress should be something done with logic and reason.

Being in conflict is the exact period of time you don’t want to experience an overload of emotions. If someone is threatening you, you don’t want your hands to be shaking – you want to be calm, secure and strong.

One of the first things people are taught when they try to fit in a “tough” neighborhood is to not scan the environment. “Scanning” means looking around, like tourists do in a new city.

Looking around makes you look nervous. And looking nervous is a telltale sign of weakness.

#17: You’ll Have Deep and Profound Feelings

As you eliminate harmful distractions (such as spending too much time on your cell phone or the internet), you are going to have much more time to spend thinking… and simply feeling things.

Trust me on this one – once the philosopher in you awakens, you are not going to want to be back to the old you.

Sure, playing games can be interesting, but at the end of the day, it is just a huge time sink.

If you are doing something that is not getting you closer to your goals, then you should not be doing it at all.

#18: You’ll Need Less Sleep

This one is a part of the officially listed NoFap superpowers.

No one exactly knows how or why it happens, but some people have reported needing less sleep after doing a few weeks of NoFap.

On the flip side, others have reported needing MORE sleep in the first few days – perhaps so that the brain can finish readjusting itself.

Personally, the latter thing happened to me. I slept a lot at first, and then a lot less than before starting NoFap.

#19: Better Impulse Control (Influenced by the Pre-Frontal Cortex)

Did you know that delaying instant gratification is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life?


Quality of life (QOL) is the general well-being of individuals and societies, outlining negative and positive features of life. It observes life satisfaction, including everything from physical health, family, education, employment, wealth, safety, security to freedom, religious beliefs, and the environment.[1] QOL has a wide range of contexts, including the fields of international development, healthcare, politics and employment. It is important not to mix up the concept of QOL with a more recent growing area of health related QOL (HRQOL[2]). An assessment of HRQOL is effectively an evaluation of QOL and its relationship with health.

Quality of life should not be confused with the concept of standard of living, which is based primarily on income.

Yes, there is a measure called quality of life, and fappers don’t score high on it. Because quality of life is not based on income – that measure is called “standard of living.” Quality of life is based on how balanced, happy and fulfilled you are. Not having a girlfriend can offset $200,000 in capital.

The reason why delayed gratification is great, is that you have to compete with other people for all the resources you have.

And most people tend to be average.

The reasons are unimportant, but what matters is that most people tend to want immediate gratification – which is why they can’t finish reading a 200-page book.

If you can become the type of person who can go beyond the point where others quit (meaning you can delay gratification – you can read any-sized books), that would give you a clear advantage over others. Meaning you’ll be able to outcompete them.

One of the best ways to achieve a high degree of delayed gratification is to protect your prefrontal cortex from damage – that is the part of the brain in charge of impulse control.

Interestingly, fapping tends to damage the prefrontal cortex (a disorder called hypofrontality) – but only temporary.

Doing NoFap is going to get your impulse control back to normal within 90 days or so – depending on how long you’ve been PMOing.

#20: Acne-free, Better Looking Skin

Everyone that’s stopped watching pornography for any amount of time has been witness to this amazing NoFap benefit.

It appears that getting your body and hormones in check is a sure fire way to improve the condition and glossiness of your skin.

Everyone likes shiny skin, so this benefit shouldn’t be overlooked.

When it comes to skin quality, women can have an easier time than us guys – they just put on some makeup and be done with it.

We, on the other hand, have to maximize our health and internal body chemistry in every way possible in order to get the best possible results.

#21: You’ll be Able to Share Your Computer

Do you know that over 92.3% of all guys surveyed have said that they would feel uncomfortable if someone were to browse on their computer or cell phone?

Do you know why they would be nervous?

Because they have a lot of weird stuff stored there. Their browser history could place them in a psychiatric ward. The fact of the matter is that porn is weird and collecting porn is even weirder. It is not a good look.

The first day you are going to wake up with your computer completely free from porn and x-rated bookmarks, is the day you are going to feel like new.

#22: You’ll Double Your Free Time

You are obviously going to have a lot more free time available if you were previously spending hours doing things… you were not supposed to be doing.

Multiple 2 by 365 and how much do you get? That’s 730 hours of newly available time for you to explore the world. And that’s a conservative estimate.

730 hours are 60 days btw. This single NoFap benefit would be enough to get a kid through college.

#23: A Mysterious Interest in Cooking

This one is a weird benefit. It’s not even listable as a NoFap superpower.

For some reason, it appears that guys tend to go all-in into improving their health once they pass the first 30-90 days of the NoFap challenge.

Remember: ANYTHING that you cook by yourself is going to be at least 3-4x times healthier than eating out.

Not to mention the cost savings are huge. Buying and cooking healthy food on the cheap is an art of its own.

#24: Women Become Less of a Priority

A strong man has his priorities straight.

He knows his responsibilities and knows what needs to be done.

Having a girl beside you is a plus, but it must never be your main mission in life.

The stronger you are in seeking your own personal glory and power, the easier time with women you are going to have.

All girls love a man on a mission. They want to be IN on the adventure that you have created for them.

#25: You Are Never Late

Once your life is free from one of the worst addictions ever – fapping to porn – you are going to be able to be everywhere 15 minutes ahead of time.

Remember, getting somewhere on time is only half the battle.

People, and especially bosses who you would like to impress, take notice when someone is ahead of schedule. “Ahead of schedule” is a big thing for corporations, and people.

Being exact is one of the manliest traits you can cultivate.

#26: Better Articulation and a Better Vocabulary

When your hormones are raging, and your body feels that its sexual needs have not been met – it is then that your vocabulary prowess is going to appear as bright as the sun in the morning sky.

This part is kind of similar to the one about not being lazy anymore – remember, your body is always going to go into “standby” mode if it has reached a sufficient amount of ejaculations for the given time period.

The time period can be hours, days or weeks – it doesn’t matter. What matters is not succumbing to your addictions.

#27: You See the Big Picture

Livin life while searching for the next dopamine rush is a terrible way to exist.

Being a dopamine junkie (which is what most people today are), means that you are going to miss out on the true beauty of life.

Life is all about competition, overcoming obstacles and leaving a legacy behind.

At the end of the day, we are all going to be dead sooner or later.

How would you want the world to remember your life?

Do you want to be the guy that tried his best to stimulate his prefrontal cortex with various dopamine rushes, or do you want to create something that is going to stand the test of time?

Having 1 kid of your own is going to affect the world a million times more than the amount of weed you’ve smoked.

 3 Additional Benefits for 2018: 

#28: Attract the Girls of Your Dreams

Whether it is because of the benefits of semen retention, high testosterone flow, or the amount of free time you’ll have to pursue women, it seems that girls fall head over heels for guys on NoFap.

The NoFap forums are full with guys reporting that they’ve lost their virginity or got their first relationship after a few months of NoFap. Statistically speaking, PMO is a huge time-sink, so it stands to reason that one of the top 3 reasons why guys attract girls while doing NoFap is because of the free time they have.

If you combine NoFap, with playing fewer video games and losing weight, you would be boosting your total amount of free time and energy levels by a huge factor.

Granted this guy was quick to get results. There was another story about a guy that lost his virginity after exactly 222 days of NoFap. Don’t lose hope if you pass your first 90-day porn reboot and you’re still single – it happens, and everyone needs different amounts of time in order to succeed.

#29: Spiritual Benefits

NoFap can bring out the inner philosopher in any man. That’s why there are certain spiritual benefits to doing NoFap.

After a few months of living without porn and masturbation, you’ll begin to think about deeper topics. You’ll question the meaningless and immature pursuits of dopamine rushes of the people around you. You will start to look for ways to express your creativity and your desires, without being a blind consumer.

You’ll spend time with people with who you have common interests – you won’t be wasting your time with people that don’t respect you or girls that have no intentions of being with you.

Boundaries, self-respect, and risk tolerance are just some of the spiritual aspects that are going to interest you.

#30 Deeper Voice

Some of the younger members of NoFap have said that they developed a deeper voice.

This actually does have some degree of scientific proof. Guys do have a different pitch to their voices depending on social circumstances. Anyone can have a deeper voice – yes, there are genetical limits to this, but your vocal tone is not fixed.

If you are in a situation where you need to show authority, and have the confidence to do so, your voice will naturally go low. Likewise, if you are in a situation where you feel anxiety or are not confident, your voice may be higher than usual.

As NoFap brings the inner man out of you, you will naturally feel confident in more occasions. The mere act of going out instead of playing video games is going to boost your self-respect, meaning your voice is going to be deeper as a result.

 NoFap Benefits Questions and Answers: 

When do NoFap Benefits Begin?

For most guys, the NoFap benefits usually being by the second to third week. Just because some benefits are going to appear before others, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be lesser in effect.

The reason why some benefits appear sooner is that they need different prerequisites. For example, skin without acne is usually built upon a healthy hormonal foundation. Hormones, despite their complexities, are quick to adapt to changes in the environment, which is why you can gain or lose over 50% of your basal testosterone in under seven days. The same goes for estrogen – a hormone that can do a lot of damage to guys if present in excess.

The same is not true for muscle tissue – you can’t gain 50% muscle mass in seven or thirty days.

So, to conclude – some benefits appear at the 15-20 day mark, while most are going to be present by the end of the 90-day NoFap cycle. There are just three improvements that may need over 90 days to appear. Those are:

  • A cure for Erectile Dysfunction
  • Stable confident levels
  • Weight loss

Most guys have improved confidence levels just days after starting NoFap. However, that confidence is unstable, because you are not yet used to it. Only after 90 days or more can you start to stable at a new, optimal level of confidence.

What are the Top NoFap Benefits?

There are no top or best NoFap benefits. Best is a subjective measure, and it’s going to depend on the individual. Usually, guys appreciate the benefits that help them turn their weakness into strengths. Guys that have high pitched voices, appreciate being able to talk in a more commanding vocal tone. Other guys, like those that struggled with weight loss or muscle gains, are going to appreciate the motivational, spiritual and testosterone-boosting effects.

Can You Lose Your Improvements if You Relapse?

There are no permanent benefits of doing NoFap. Everything good and bad about your life is because of some underlying cause. If masturbating to porn has brought you to a dark place, you’ll always be sent back to that place if you start to masturbate again.

Relapsing once or twice won’t do any damage, so don’t worry about it. Even if you suffer from a full relapse, you’ll still be able to get your NoFap benefits back once you return to your streak. Benefits tend to return faster after a relapse, since your neural pathways are going to be already formed.

Are the Benefits the Same as Superpowers?

There is a big overlap between NoFap superpowers and benefits – but they are not the same.

While most benefits are superpowers, some superpowers may not be benefits due to their weird nature. Developing a sixth-sense about things that are completely unrelated to NoFap in one such thing. The increased sex appeal is another weird benefit because science can’t accurately describe it.

Some of the most common NoFap superpowers are:

  • Sex appeal
  • Music sounds better
  • You can feel people’s energies
  • Sexual Prowess
  • Endless endurance when the time calls for it

Are NoFap Benefits a Placebo?

There is always a chance that some benefits are going to be a placebo effect. Even FDA-approved drugs can and will produce placebo effects in the right circumstances.

You can never know whether a specific NoFap benefit you are feeling is a placebo, but the question is irrelevant. Your task is to enjoy the benefits and to use them for maximum success. It doesn’t matter if it’s all in your head or not – what matters is if things work.


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