The Coolidge Effect: Mating With Mythical Partners

Humans are mammals, which means they suffer from the same issues as the common house cat does.

… Or a hamster in this case. The “Coolidge effect,” is a biological instinct found in most advanced life forms.

The Coolidge Effect is Real

The Coolidge effect (*instinct is a more suitable term for this behavior) is exhibited in males that display a much higher degree of sexual arousal when they are with a new female (in comparison to being with a female they have already mated with).

There are several different conclusions from the results of this study.

  1. Humans do display similar responses to the Coolidge Effect
  2. It confirms the theory that watching pornography leads towards developing polygamous mating preferences.

The brain does not differentiate between genuine reality and fantasy. I’ve written about something similar in other articles, but here’s the gist of it: for the subconscious part of your mind, fantasy is reality.

The things that you see on the computer screen are things that your mind is going to genuinely believe in.

That’s why people like living vicariously by watching TV show characters – spending a few hours binge-watching Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul does feel like you are a part of a bigger adventure.

Saul Goodman’s struggle and his desires for riches evoke emotions in everyone that watches the show.

Coolidge Effect in Humans

And this is where pornography comes into play.

Just like the hamster can develop a preference for mating only with new females, so can you develop boredom with your current partner if you “mate” with too many porn stars.

Your mind is going to believe that you are one epic stud – the stud above all other studs.

No single woman is going to be enough to satisfy your needs. Women suffer from the same effects of the Coolidge effect.

According to a study by PornHub, women are watching an increasing amount of pornography – which means that they are bound to suffer the same problems of boredom of being with the same partner. Suffice to say, PMOing on a daily basis is not good for your relationship or marriage. It’s even worse for your muscle strength (check out my bit about NoFap and testosterone for more info).

Anyway, there is a second part of the Coolidge effect;

If you stimulate a male rat to mate beyond his means (by bringing him dozens of sets of new partners), that is going to result in a severe amount of sexual exhaustion for the poor guy.


Twenty male hamsters were observed in mating tests with receptive females until they reached an arbitrary criterion of sexual exhaustion. Each male was then retested to exhaustion after 8 hr., 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 days of sexual inactivity.” Observations revealed that the time necessary to achieve ejaculation, the number of intromissions preceding, and the median interval between intromissions were longer for the 1st ejaculation than subsequent ones.

“The period of sexual inactivity which followed an ejaculation was relatively short after the first orgasm and increased steadily after each successive climax.” Recovery seemed complete after a rest of 5 days. After shorter rest intervals the number of ejaculations and intromissions was reduced, the number of partial intromissions increased, initial ejaculations tended to occur earlier, and periods of inactivity following ejaculation were longer. Results were compared with those on rats. From Psyc Abstracts 36:01:1EF56B.

Sexual Exhaustion and Recovery in the Male Hamster

Note that the study says “recovery seemed complete.

That means they are not even sure the recovery was complete even five days after abstaining from sex.

Human organs are even more complicated. This would mean that it could take 14-21 days for the average guy to fully recover after binging with masturbation.

So – don’t be “mating” with those mythical beings on your computer screen.

Starve your mind from that kind of needless mental stimulation – and everything in your life is going to improve.

Not only is your partner going to be more attractive to you, but your sex life is going to be better. Every moment in the bedroom you have is going to feel better.
Heck, even genital sensitivity increases when you abstain from PMO.

You’ll know that what I’m saying is true when you start to notice how your dopamine sensitivity is going through the roof.

People have reported starting to like food that they didn’t previously eat.

Stuff that was bland is going to taste amazing.

Fast food is going feel disgusting.

Reading books is going to be more satisfying than any video game. You are going to be amazed by how the old you spend 100s of hours playing World of Warcraft.

 Coolidge Effect Questions and Answers: 

Can the Coolidge Effect Cause ED?

The Coolidge effect doesn’t have to directly cause ED, although erectile dysfunction can be a byproduct.

Here’s how that could work out: If you suffer from the Coolidge effect and have a low libido, you’ll be less likely to socialize with girls. If you are not socializing with girls, you’ll be more lonely and more likely to have to masturbate. If you masturbate a lot, you are going to develop erectile dysfunction – that is a given.

So, while the Coolidge effect doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction, it can cause it indirectly. Anything that causes you not to socialize or is characterized as a sexual dysfunction, can cause ED.

Are Females Affected by the Coolidge Effect?

Yes, just like the male rats can be affected by this sexual pattern, so can be the females.

In recent years, girls have started to watch porn in amounts that in some cases may exceed that of the guys. And you can notice this pattern in girls that watch a lot of porn – they are quick to break up a relationship, they change a lot of sexual partners, and no particular guy is enough for them.

The difference in the male and female side of the Coolidge effect is that guys usually develop problems in socializing with girls, so they have to resort to porn, while girls can suffer from the Coolidge effect and still have a lot of sexual partners. That’s the only visible difference between how the two sexes are affected.

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